Depression vs. Sadness

Ashley Bretting, MS, MFT

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Depression is much, much more than "just" being sad or being in a state of sadness.
At times, when we are unable to deal with stress and problems we begin to feel anxious or depressed. In general, with passage of time and working with a trained therapist, depressed feelings will subside.

Some things associated with depression include:
restlessness, irritability, thoughts of death, suicide, suicide attempts, insomnia, early morning waking, oversleeping, changes in appetite are linked to a weight gain or a weigh loss.decreased energy, fatigue, physical and mental sluggishness, feeling guilty, worthless, pessimism, helplessness, persistent sadness.

Some things associated with depression include:If your level of everyday functioning has been compromised, this is a strong indicator that you are struggling with depression


Journaling Helps 

A poem, story, few words or a picture - You Get To Decide

The world: a dark and difficult place.
With this empty hopeless life, I barely wake, barely sleep.
I dread tomorrows. I pray the lord my soul to keep.
To lay so still it tires me, to move about fails me.
As all my days and nights do meld, a desperate captive - I am held.
Outside pressures just go away, I've retreated and here I'll stay.

Dreams are blank and days are long
In my heart there is no song.

Let me be - do not disturb
It is my burden - a mangled blur. A life of dark that shall not lift,
an empty soul, a bottomless pit.

Avoid, detract - don't interact
Alone and sorrow be my guide, as I wrestle with demons deep inside.

Sleep is good for it's my escape -
This emotional pain takes my joy
leaving me a shell, a broken toy.
Why am I here, and be forced to suffer so?

Another example;
Depression-What to make of the darker moods-A Jungian Perspective

When Saturn clutches the soul causing wounding and despair too much to bear. How tempting it is to abandon the soul to her suffering and find refuge in medication that quiets her screams.

And while the above are somewhat poetic other writings may include just a word or two; PAIN or ALONE using a black or other colored maker - whatever feels like it matches your mood.